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Farheen on Issues

Farheen Hakeem will bring leadership to:

General Issues – Farheen is a true progressive who has been active in several social justice movements for many years. She is pro-choice, pro-peace, pro-racial justice, pro-equality, pro-immigrant, pro-environment and encourages a NO vote to anti-LGBT marriage amendment.

Healthcare – Farheen supports single-payer universal healthcare, and looks forward to working with District 61 State Representatives to advance this.

Education – As an educator, Farheen fights for teachers’ benefits and will work for more funding for our state colleges and universities to lower tuition and make college affordable.

Immigration – Farheen Hakeem vehemently opposes the “secure communities” from this current presidential administration and bills such as Arizona’s SB1070. She protects the rights of undocumented workers and will safeguard treatment of all immigrants with dignity and respect.

Foreclosures – Farheen Hakeem works with many community members and grassroots activists to keep their homes. She supports a moratorium on foreclosures and tougher laws so that banks can not take advantage of people in these hard economic times.

Alternative Energy (Green Jobs) – We need solar panels, wind mills, reflective roofs, and geo-thermal energy, and we need to train workers to install them. These initiatives are not going to fund themselves. Farheen is the advocate to encourage the state to make it happen.

Tax the Rich! – The GOP is refusing to raise taxes on 7,700 millionaires in Minnesota. The DFL stands on the sidelines instead of protecting the interests of the people they were elected to serve. As State Senator, Farheen will see that the rich pay their fair share.

Protecting our Environment – When it comes to taxes, the middle class pays more than most corporations. Corporations exploit our natural resources while lavishly lobby politicians to lower quality standards on air, water, and land. We need to tax corporations to fund initiatives to conserve and improve our environment, instead of plundering it for profit.