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Who is Farheen Hakeem?

  • Farheen Hakeem is a grassroots community organizer who has made the State Capitol accessible to many people in Senate District 61.
  • Farheen Hakeem has been elected and re-elected as National Co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, making her the highest ranking Muslim woman in any US political party.
  • Farheen Hakeem is a public speaker on third party politics, women’s rights, Muslim-Americans, and grassroots democracy.
  • Farheen Hakeem is a Math College Lab Assistant in the Minnesota State College and University system, and has taught math and science all throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Farheen Hakeem has done extensive work as a youth organizer.
  • Farheen Hakeem is a foster parent and has lived in District 61 for 11 years.

What has Farheen Hakeem done?

In the last three years, Farheen Hakeem has:

  • Successfully applied and secured Federal Stimulus funds to purchase foreclosed homes and create jobs to rehab them in North Minneapolis. This $675,000 went to the only female African American developer in the State of Minnesota.
  • Worked with other Green Party members to build a new Senate District 61 Green Party local.
  • Promoted and recruited candidates of color for many local races.
  • Collaborated with other activists to organize a “Day on the Hill,” bringing people to the Capitol for their first time to speak to legislators about properly investing Minnesota Retirement Funds. She has also brought people to the Capitol to lobby for more funding for education, to fight homelessness, and for child welfare reform.

What will Farheen Hakeem do for me?

  • Farheen will make the State Capitol more accessible to you. You will have a chance to meet your Senator in your neighborhood, and more often.
  • Farheen has your back. She is a strong advocate and a loyal activist who will go to the mat to defend your civil rights.
  • Farheen brings community voices to the decision making process. She is not in the pocket of corporate interests, so no private meetings and secret deals will be cut. As a voter, your voice will be listened to with integrity and transparency, and not drown out by party leadership.

Why vote Green?

It is clear from this summer’s government shutdown that politicians need a wakeup call. We need a voice of reason at the Capitol who will mediate between partisan factions so we can get the work done.

Voting Green will show that important voters like you should not be taken for granted.

Voting Green means you are done with being patient, and you want real change, on your own terms, and now.

We need a third party to shake things up!

Why State Senate?

After 40 years, Senator Linda Berglin resigned in late July, resulting in an open seat, special election set for Tuesday October 18th. This is a historic moment where we can actually elect a Green Party member into the legislature. Farheen Hakeem is committed to the Green Movement and is the best candidate to represent you.